Power Rangers: Tides of Darkness

Disclaimer/Authors Notes

2023 Tony update-

I’m posting this complete with typos for the hell of it. I would like to think I’ve improved as a writer in the last decades, so this should serve to keep me humble.


(Smelly old 21st century legal crap, spiffy new edition of said legal crap just switch Saban for Hasbro)

(Anal-retentive legal garbage)
I, (state your name), realize I am using these characters without permission from their owner, Saban Entertainment. I am receiving no monetary compensation for this story, It’s just for the hell of it. Saban’s property ends at his copyrighted material, anything that is not copyrighted under his name is mine, that don’t appear on the show, and can only be used with my EXPRESS permission! This Disclaimer must be attached to this file in all forms, and any use of the authors intellectual property except by the affore mentioned corporation above will be met with serious litigation (and dirty looks!) If anyone wishes to use these ideas in a story or other work of media, then I want to be contacted so as to know of any use of my characters. Any comments or flames may be sent to (ynh ) , each will be given equal consideration. This story is purely fictional, fictitious, and any other synonym of MAKE-BELIEVE, any similarity to any persons, Living, dead, not yet conceived, or on a higher plane of existence, is purely Unintentional, accidental and any other big words us southerners aren’t supposed to know!

Power Rangers are copyright Saban Entertainment, which is affiliated with Saban International, which I am not.

I wrote this little piece back when I was Fifteen, and really only just getting started as a writer. I’m posting here as a bit of penance, and out of extreme boredom since it looks like we may all be going back into lock down soon. I’m hoping to store up karma in advance by putting myself at your collective mercies to see how it all shakes out. This story was initially started off a method to get the original MMPR team to fight the Zeo Rangers, and I needed a story to support the concept. This was at least thirty years before before Drakkon, but after a similar concept by a gentleman by the name of Joe Rovang. So don’t be accusing me of theft with out some generous evidence…

My influences at the time were various comic books, some other Tokusatsu, and a butt load of time on my hands. I present TOD as it was written with no corrections or revisions to content. I am not planning on finishing this version as I have forgotten every story beat I had in mind, and I have since lost every single note I ever wrote about story line and plot. However, I do plan on a page one re-write of the whole thing, and posting it here so you all may enjoy or point and laugh. It all counts as making people happy in the end. Whether that happiness comes from making people laugh or just glad its come to an end.

So, sharpen your knives and come at me!

If you want pairing/shipinfo read the bloody story to find out.





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