A fiction by Onirenjaa

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Disclaimer: I don’t own this damn thing. Kishimoto Musashi-san does. I am creating this bastardization of his intellectual property for no profit, and loss of precious time I could possibly devote to something that could pay me money, or get me laid. All I can gain from this venture is the advancement of my writing career so, if you are a lawyer, back the hell off. Any characters or concepts not claimed by him, are mine, and are vigorously defended by groin-shots and beer bottles to the head, the writer is a mean drunk and not possessed of an aversion to violence.

Any similarities to any creatures living, dead, trapped in purgatory, lost in another dimension, or ascended to higher planes of existence is purely coincidental, except when I mean to.

The writer of this piece does not mean to offend with his opinions and statements. If offense is taken, the writer recommends one course of action. “Get the hell over it and shut up.”

Opinions expressed within these notes are the opinions of the writer, and are therefore, correct and infallible.

These are my Writer’s notes. I will on occasion put something here to explain why an update is late, answer questions, or just generally take up space to feel like I have accomplished something. It would do this writer’s heart well to know that you are reading this story, and reviews would be most appreciated. If you don’t, well, I’ll just… keep writing… I seek any and all criticism one has to give, whether it be constructive or not. You can even flame me and tell me “You suxxorz” or however leet speaking bastards like to say it. You will be given the attention your criticism merits.

Many thanks go out to my loyal and intelligent beta, TheKate, who has endured endless ramblings over how cool this story will be once its finished…

04/26/07: Yes, yes, update, fucker, update! I know. I’m in exam hell this week and next, but since so many of you are patient with me, I’m going to promise an update before the middle of May. I’ll try for two chapters, but don’t be disappointed if there’s only the one this time around. In reply to my last reviewer, one Bob Jones, I really didn’t even know she had eyes to begin with.

01/05/07: So… Um, little late with my updates… This is a quick posting to let folks know I’m still alive, and the story is continuing. A version is on its way to TheKate for beta, and will be posted there, but I wanted to do something for people who have actually been keeping up with this thing. This chapter is a bit talky, yes, but I tried to make it funny to balance that out. It was meant to be longer, but a scorching case of writer’s block has prevented progress on the story for a while, but hopefully that’s over now. Expect Chapter 4 within the next couple of weeks.

Now, onto something I’d like to say that was prompted by a review. I would strongly advise against reading this story if you’re only out for pairings. Those are very much ancillary to what I’m trying to accomplish with this, and are only icing for the cake. If the cake sucks, the icing won’t save it. Note, I’m not ragging on said reviewer, he’s got a good head on his shoulders, and knows that pairings alone do not a story make. So, that being said, please enjoy Chapter 3, and as always, reviews, flames, and non-nonsensical ramblings are welcomed.

04/08/06: Chapter 2 is now very finished, and very long in comparison. I’m a little excited to get this on the web, so beta-recommended changes may crop up.

03/15/06: Chapter 2 is almost in the can. Few more pages, then its off to beta. I’ll be putting more work into it tonight once I’m home and drunk. Not that anyone has been asking, just telling you.

02/09/06: Update to Chapter one yet again… My jutsu name was crap… I’m only human…

02/07/06: Update to Chapter 1 with some minor corrections, thanks to TheKate for finding my spelling screw ups. Chapter 2 will be underway soon.

08/22/22: This is me belatedly putting a fork in it. If this fic still has any readers, which would be more amazing than Jesus himself coming by my house for a hotdog. I loved writing this, but I’ve forgotten everything I possibly had planned fo the last few chapters, so… I beg your forgiveness. I hope I made you grin at least a little bit. I’ll be posting what plot points I was hoping to finish with at some point, but I won’t put into writing when. I couldn’t keep schedule before I got sick, and I’m no better at it now.

03/05/23: Added a description for how I think the rest of the story would have gone. Last update, however. Thanks for the fun ride all.





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